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I had been making  coil-built vessels in the seed /gourd shape since 2004, they slowly became bigger as I explored permutations of the basic shape but until 2011 I had made them in Stoneware and fired them in a satin matt black glaze. In 2011 I started making these shapes to be fired in Naked Raku and after doing a masterclass workshop with David Roberts I finally had the nerve to start firing much larger versions. Once I knew I could fire them in Naked Raku I began exploring surface pattern. For me this shape is expressing the expansion of growth, whether it is a seed on it’s way to sprouting, or gourd which is steadily growing. Although it is not obvious in the photographs these shapes are not round they are oval, I feel that there is more tension in an oval shape, and always in my work I want to get closer to how is in nature.  At this time I also started making stones and boulders, I have always spent a lot of time looking at  and collecting rocks and after drawing lots of striped rocks on a visit to Shetland I decided to make my own.

In 2012 I started to make a more open shape to reflect the negative space between the ancient precambrian volcanoes which I look out onto. I am surrounded by carefully tended fields curving between valleys. And up the hill is the forest. I used the patterns around me  to continue to develop the surfaces.