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Union Mk4 Naked Raku sculpture

Union Mk4 Naked Raku sculpture. The new Union , no accidents !

“UNION” A WORK IN PROGRESS This sculpture was first conceived in September 2012, It is about relationship : a commentary on our national situation. I wanted to point out that even while we are very similar; maintain a separate identity, and may only have a very small point of connection, nonetheless the strength of that connection can become something strong and beautiful no matter how tenuous it may seem at times. Union Mk 1 : got caught in a kiln malfunction, overfired and one side blew it’s base. Union Mk2 : both sides were finished and fired successfully. Subsequently exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy Winter Open 2012, the piece was bought by a private collector. Union Mk3 : finished and fired successfully but one side blew up after coming out of the reduction bin.

Naked Raku sculpture by Moyra Stewart

union Mk 3 one side whole the other side blew up ! BOO HOO

Mk 4 (see photo at top ) was completed in August and was exhibited at The Royal Glasgow Institute Exhibition at the MacClellan Galleries Nov – Dec 2013. Union Mk 3.5 was an installation combining the overfired the broken and one undamaged side which I exhibited at Pittenweem Arts Festival. Together these imperfect parts contributed another example of how relationships are transformed by circumstance , accident and intent. They also showed how the work had progressed. Since making the first sculpture I have found that what was intended to be an impersonal piece of work seems to resonate at a deep and emotional level across a wide variety of ages. I hope you will watch the video of Raku firing which shows Union Mk4 being fired. The source for the structure of this piece comes from two quotes ; “All experience is an arch, wherethrough gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move ” Alfred Lord Tennyson “All experience is an arch, to build upon”   Henry Adams